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Miscellaneous Insurance

Types of policies:

Motorcycle - Options to cover both you and your bike or just your bike depending on personal risk preference

Boat & Yacht - Coverage for many types of watercrafts including but not limited to row boats, speed boats or luxury yachts

RV & Motorhome - For recreational vehicles and travel trailers; coverage offered for both self-driving and towed motorhomes

Golf Carts - Protects recreational golf cart vehicles from theft and/or collision depending on personal risk preference

Classic, Antique, & Collector Cars - For show vehicles and vehicles driven less than 500 miles per year

Personal Articles & Floaters - Provides coverage worldwide and protects owner from mysterious disappearance for personal items such as jewelry, fine arts, cameras, musical instruments and other types of valued physical property

Personal Liability Umbrella - Provides higher limits for all of your personal policies under one policy, can increase your automobile and homeowners liability limits including vacation properties, recreational vehicles, and other personal policies that include potential loss or liability

Animal Liability - Provides coverage on the owner of any animal for bites or otherwise harm caused to another property or individual


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